I am so excited to announce that The Author Incubator is welcoming Ramses Rodriguez to the team. This is a very special addition because in his role as our Social Media Manager he is going to be representing the voice of our authors.

I believe anyone called to write a book with us is on a sacred journey and why I knew Ramses was the perfect person to originate this role is that he has been on that journey and knows how truly holy it is.

I’m so excited to watch our content evolve in a way that’s deeply aligned with those who are called to make a difference with their message through words on a page. Words on a page changed my life. They changed Ramses. And our authors are changing the lives of their readers every single day.

Today I’ve asked him to share a few words with you below on how he overcame his battle with panic attacks to bring his magic to us.

Does “Job-Joy” without panics really exist? (My Journey to working With The Author Incubator Team)

I used to call it the curse of the renaissance man, that desire to learn everything, do everything, and to continually try new things! I mean, I get it. Focusing on many things can be distracting as in the old adage “Jack of all trades, and master of none.”

Yet for me, I was finding the opposite to be true. I was excelling at may things but was not really happy doing any one of them in particular. I graduated from music school as a classical saxophonist, then decided to become a geneticist. After that, I even decided to go to grad school to study molecular biology (yikes! Even the titles are long!). But, how the heck did I land this job of my dreams, this job where I could exercise my right and left brain with equal stride without the feeling of being the outsider or the freak. Let’s face it, how often do we find a job in which we could be both technical and creative all the while being our authentic selves.

Interestingly enough, it was by paying attention to myself more that I was able to manifest this dream job here at The Author Incubator.

We often make an enemy of ourselves- we abandon ourselves, we hate our opinions and we push our desires aside (and for you sensitives, like me, we just suck at honoring our internal boundaries). So, last year, after my largest battle with panic attacks at my Research and Development job at the Buffalo Cancer institute, I decided to say “fuck it” to the wishes people had for me and I started to SOLELY move in the direction of what I wanted. I followed my positive emotions.

Pretty soon, my world started to change QUICKLY: I got laid off, both romantic and personal relationships ended and I started to look inside of myself for all of my guidance.

Things got really simple at that point. What I REALLY wanted to do was to create freely! So I did just that. I started to blog and create make videos- nothings was out of bounds. I created calligraphy videos, became a Reiki Master, and pursued Holistic Health- I embarked on a journey to heal myself WHILE having fun in the process.

Then, out of no where, an ad for The Author’s Way popped up on my YouTube (Google must have realized that I was searching for “How to convert my blog into a book?”) Within nine weeks, I was the author of a manuscript on panic attacks and anxiety!

All I did was SHOW UP! I showed up for myself and the program and then out of nowhere, I thought “wouldn’t it be great to work for a company like this, where I could create content and also coach and also be myself?”

That is exactly what Angela was looking for at The Author Incubator! Who Knew?!?!

Pinch me! I would never have imagined that something like this was possible- that I could write, create, lead and literally enjoy work because it felt like PLAY! My office is filled with my favorite crystals, essential oils and love and I get to write and connect with people in a way that makes a DIFFERENCE!

Is this real? Is this happening? Am I really a bestselling author working a place that helps create bestselling authors?

I would say that the power of focus is magical! All I did was start to trust myself!

By the way, if you’re Googling things like “how to convert your blog to a book” too, I can’t recommend writing a book with The Author Incubator more highly – I’m not only the Social Media Manager here, I’m also an #incubatedauthor! You can apply, just like I did earlier this year, at www.TheAuthorIncubator.com/apply.