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Home for The Author Castle | The Author Incubator | Dr. Angela Lauria

The Author Castle: This Is Your House

I am Angela Lauria, and I would like you to meet The Author Castle–your future “home away from home” when you join The Author Incubator inner circle.

I didn’t get The Author Castle for myself. I already owned a wonderful home in Washington DC that I loved. I got The Author Castle for all of you.

The original inspiration for it was my best friend, Shawna, who works for “Meet The Press.”

I’ve always loved how she talked about “30 Rock,” the NBC News HQ. It’s like a second home for her and the people there are her extended family.

When I’m driving through Washington DC and I see The Capitol Building or The White House I get a feeling of being “home”-even though they aren’t my actual house.

This is how The Author Castle is for our authors. Paid for in your honor; it’s a special space for you held in recognition for the work you’ve done to become an author, and in recognition of the people you are helping and the lives you are changing with your message.

It’s the place where we’ll hold your Red Carpet Book Launch, where some authors come and write their books in 3 days, and where I’ll be teaching you exactly how to be successful with your book in your book marketing training intensive.

It’s also the venue for our gala and author awards banquets, and for an author showcase for TED organizers.

And all our published authors have the right to rent the 100-person ballroom level for their events and workshops.

I hope you will come to think of The Author Castle as your HQ – your 30 Rock – your home away from home. My closest mentees already do, and it makes me feel amazing!

I may be the steward of this building, but it is held in a trust with your name on it.

Would you like to come and write your book with me at The Author Castle?